AoGrand's stunning debut with new products at the Canton Fair has demonstrated its strength and drawn attention!

On the third day of the 133rd Canton Fair's Home and Consumer Goods Exhibition, AoGrand, as a leading company in the daily chemical industry, shone brightly at the event.


2023 Apr 25

Set off the Canton Fair, AoGrand's offline exhibition had an unprecedented success!

The second day of the 133rd Canton Fair's Home and Consumer Goods Exhibition, AoGrand's products were loved by many participants at the venue, becoming the focus of attention and traffic at the event!


2023 Apr 24

On the opening day, we were present at the Canton Fair, witnessing the AoGrand Group ignite the 133rd Canton Fair with their exhibition, driving the exhibition economy. This was an impressive sight to behold!

On April 23rd, the AoGrand Group made its debut at the 133rd Canton Fair. This year's fair was the largest in history, with the use of the new Phase Four exhibition hall and a record-breaking number of exhibitors and attendees. It has been dubbed as the


2023 Apr 23

AoGrand successfully held Meeting of daily chemical association

On July 21, 2022, the 7th Tenth Standing Council (Expanded) Meeting of Jiangsu Daily Chemical Association was held in Jiangsu AoGrand Group. Wang Zongmin, Director of the Cosmetics Supervision Department of Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration, Guo Guizhe


2022 Jul 22

Congratulations to the successful capping of the third phase of the packaging workshop of AoGrand Group!

On June 30, 2022, this June, the Gaochun production base of AoGrand Group ushered in an important moment of special significance - the third phase of the packaging workshop successfully completed the capping of the main structure, the capping of glory, an


2022 Jun 30

AoGrand Group is with you to fight against Omicron BA.4/5

According to the latest data released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 21, local time, the new variant of Omicron BA.4/5 has accounted for 34.9% of the new cases in the United States in the week of June 18, a surge of 6


2022 Jun 24

Burst! Grand opening of the 131st Canton Fair of AoGrand group!

On April 15, 2022, the131st Canton Fair was grandly opened online! AoGrand group, as an exhibitor ofthe daily chemical industry, welcomes all exhibitors and customers with a brandnew look of youth, innovation and digital intelligence!


2022 Apr 15

AoGrand joins hands with the Society for the Promotion of the Guangcai Project to donate epidemic prevention materials to Qixia District

On March 25, AoGrand joined hands with Nanjing Guangcai Promotion Association, Nanjing Youth Entrepreneurs Federation and Nanjing Qixia District Youth Entrepreneurs Federation to donate epidemic prevention materials to Nanjing Qixia District Yaoguang Stre


2022 Mar 28

AoGrand continuously carries out epidemic prevention and control work, and win this epidemic battle

In the face of a new round of COVID-19 in 2022, AoGrand, taking into account the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in the region and the actual situation of the group, quickly launched the epidemic emergency plan.


2022 Mar 25

Love in the epidemic line.AoGrand donated to help Gaochun epidemic prevention and control

Recently, the severe epidemic has affected us. Although the epidemic is ruthless, everyone is fighting alongside to face it.


2022 Mar 22

Let's fight against the epidemic together!

AoGrand donated epidemic prevention and control materials to Gaochun District


2022 Mar 22

Fighting alongside,Nanjing,Refueling!

AoGrand donated anti-epidemic materials to help Nanjing epidemic prevention and control!


2022 Mar 17

Build a trust with integrity & Build a reputation with quality ——AoGrand's 2022 spring large-scale summit in Gao-Li market has ended successfully!

On March 7-8,the 2022 spring large-scale summit of AoGrand's Gao-Li market was successfully held in Gaochun and Lishui. Over 100 brand partners gathered together, and the total turnover reached several million yuan.


2022 Mar 09

The director of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference District Committee, Rui Xueping, visited and investigated AoGrand

On the morning of March 2,Rui Xueping,the director of the Economic, Technological and Agricultural and Rural Committee of the CPPCC District Committee,the members of the Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Group of the Economic and Technological Committe


2022 Mar 02

"Together for the Future" Brand Partners Summit Spring Chapter

The spring chapter of the 2022 AoGrand brand partners summit was successfully held!


2022 Feb 28


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