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  • Oct 24, 2023
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Recently, the 134th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair") is in full swing in Guangzhou offline, as a leading enterprise in the daily chemical industry, 30 years of continuous innovation and research and development of AoGrand, with a strong lineup to show innovative results to global merchants. Canton Fair is the first window of new China's opening up to the outside world, is an important platform for enterprises to explore the international market, is one of the important Windows to observe China's foreign trade, the total exhibition area, the total number of booths, the number of exhibitors are new high, the continuous growth of relevant data reflects the positive changes in China's foreign trade, China's foreign trade high-quality development "stable" foundation is more solid, It shows strong resilience and innovative vitality.

At this feast, the boutique exhibition from all over the world was gathered. As a national enterprise in the international market, AoGrand brought its well-known brands CLEACE, JOBY, ARROW, MYSTIC, SOFREE, BUBUBEAR, MAMALOVES, ALLCARE and so on. Products cover sterilization, cleaning, insect repellent, maternal and child products, fresh air, hygiene products, pet products and many other categories, with high appearance level, high quality, cost-effective product competitiveness, in the day of the launch of attention.

It is reported that the number of exhibitors in the Canton Fair reached 28,533, an increase of 12.3% over the previous session. The number of exhibitors has reached a new high, and the scene is also very hot. Compared with the last Canton Fair, the faces of overseas buyers appear in almost every corner of the Canton Fair. In the AoGrand booth is crowded, the group of exhibitors full of spirit, active and enthusiastic to introduce the exhibits to many merchants.

On the day of the exhibition, AoGrand's products were loved by the vast number of exhibitors at the scene, and the product forms such as younger, diversified, quality standardization and good exhibition experience attracted customers to stop one after another and were crowded in an instant.AoGrand exhibition staff is also overwhelmed, warm and friendly detailed introduction to the exhibitors all applauded, since the building of friendship at home and abroad to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

After receiving many buyers from home and abroad, the staff made a comprehensive introduction to the products, services, sales, and ordering details, and the hot-selling products in the showcase were concentrated. JOBY underwear washing, BUBU BEAR baby washing, MYSTIC Air cleaning, SOFREE women's care, GREAT WRITER washing and other new upgrades, At the same time, CLEACE clothing fragrance disinfectant has been favored by exhibitors because of its stable composition, bactericidal rate as high as 99.999%, environmental protection formula does not contain phosphorus, does not contain alcohol and many other highlights.

AoGrand since every exhibition, has been constantly innovative research and development, the reorganization of the luggage and then start, through the offline communication with the majority of buyers, in greatly improve the communication efficiency to achieve timely adjustment of product direction, but also help the national brand of AoGrand in the international market at the same time, open up the domestic market, Better service to build a new development pattern of domestic and international double cycles promoting each other, AoGrand insists on building quality with ingenuity, winning the market with word of mouth, the original intention remains unchanged, and forge ahead.


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