The AoGrand Group's journey at the Canton Fair has come to a close, and it was a resounding success with many achievements and recognition earned!

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  • Apr 27, 2023
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On the afternoon of April 27th, the AoGrand Group concluded its journey at the 133rd Canton Fair, which lasted for 5 days. The fair was the largest in history, with a record-breaking number of participating companies of approximately 35,000. Buyers from 226 countries and regions registered to attend, and 47 international business associations participated as well. The fair was highly anticipated, and the AoGrand Group shone brightly during the 5-day event, winning unanimous praise from Chinese and foreign customers alike!

At the AoGrand Group's maternal and child products booth in Hall D, an African customer is inquiring about BUBU BEAR diapers. The Happy Forest series, Angel series diapers, and accompanying materials showcased by BUBU BEAR at this Canton Fair have received significant attention in the industry. The main product, diapers, has been well-received by many exhibition attendees due to its "full-core" absorbent material, lightweight and breathable design, and soft and skin-friendly feel. This has attracted a continuous stream of interested customers who have come to the booth for detailed consultations and to discuss cooperation matters.

The short 5-day exhibition has come to an end, and on the last day, everyone was racing against time to seize the last opportunity to establish connections with customers. In the nearby home products booth, staff members were patiently introducing the new products of CLEACE and JOBY to many long-time customers who came to the booth specifically to discuss business after hearing about the exhibition. After seeing the physical products, they expressed their satisfaction and showed strong purchasing intentions.

In an environment where global economic uncertainty is increasing, the AoGrand Group leveraged the Canton Fair as an open platform and window to the outside world. Through the fair, the group has made "new partners," seen "new directions," smelled "new business opportunities," and found "new engines," quickly establishing customer relationships and entering the market. This has not only broadened their horizons and enhanced their self-image but also shaped an excellent brand image for the group.

Based in China and facing the world, the AoGrand Group will continue to uphold its persistent spirit and strive to continuously broaden its competitiveness in the industry. Riding the wind and waves, the group will forge ahead and make its mark in the vast ocean of global trade. Until the next exhibition, the group will say goodbye with even better products, higher quality services, and stronger team cooperation!

At this Canton Fair, AoGrand Group's global investment promotion has also been launched. As an AoGrand brand partner, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1.7*24h exclusive online customer service provided by a team of 100 people;

2.Freight subsidies and full support for warehousing and logistics;

3.Flexible and controllable delivery time, assistance in clearing stagnant inventory;

4.Comprehensive marketing support, including 1V1 business and marketing manager assistance, customized promotional materials, and investment in digital new media platforms.

More value-added benefits are continuously being added. You can learn more about brand partner policies and product information by visiting AoGrand Group's "Cloud Exhibition Hall" at thisMore value-added benefits are continuously being added. You can learn more about brand partner policies and product information by visiting AoGrand Group's "Cloud Exhibition Hall" at this Canton Fair. Canton Fair.


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